If you associate geography lessons with unbearable boredom, here comes an excellent concept which allows you forgot about unpleasant experiences. A Polish family-run company, Seal Creative LTD., from Warsaw, has hit upon an idea to design Explorer’s Atlas – a map with over 1000 inspiring world facts.

The project started with an affection for maps. Consequently, the team has gathered the most intriguing and fascinating facts worth remembering about the world. Then, they put those curiosities about our planet on a beautiful, large format map. From a distance, it appears to be an ordinary map but, after looking closer, you will find countless, unique pieces of information about nature, history, economy, and geography.

Some extensive research allowed Seal Creative LTD. to identify the most interesting things about our world. All of these are represented by carefully selected and composed pieces of text, visualized with icons, graphs, and routes attributed to particular geographic areas. It will provide months of brain-bending fun and food for thought.

Their inspiration came from a Renaissance-era map, which was a gift from the admiral Claude d’Annebault to the King of France, Henry II. It is huge and filled with geographic features, facts, and wonderful illustrations. Explorer’s Atlas is a modern interpretation of this extraordinary idea. A team from Warsaw ensures “Explorer’s Atlas has been created for every traveler, map lover and all those who treat life with undaunted curiosity.”

Explorer's Atlas

A minimalistic design draws attention and stands the test of time. All the information has been placed in a well-thought-out way, so as not to stand out too much and spoil the composition. The creators have used muted colors with low contrast and fonts, guaranteeing the highest legibility at small sizes. Their maps are printed on a natural white, uncoated and high-quality Italian paper.

The product comes in two colors: white and blue. Seal Creative LTD. has manufactured three types of Explorer’s Atlas. You can choose between postcards (£5, approx $6.11), a continent map (£19, approx $23.23), and a world map (£69, approx $84.36). Additionally, a team has prepared a world map with, made of linden wood, the mounting system (£119, approx $145.50).

Explorer's Atlas

Explorer’s Atlas has been created to be more than just a piece of interior decoration. The team underlines that their product “constitutes a place for contemplation, sparking your imagination about places you’ve always dreamt to visit”. Thus, if you would like to have a DIY piece of art, as well as a source of knowledge at the same time, in your home don’t hesitate and support Seal Creative LTD. on Kickstarter.


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