Manu Prakash and Jim Cybulski have come up with an idea which is absolutely astonishing! This creative pair, from San Francisco, have designed an origami paper microscope. Foldscope easily combines a great fun with acquiring knowledge. Now, you can see what was previously invisible with a powerful yet affordable device that fits in your pocket.

How does it work? Foldscope includes only one sheet of an origami paper. All you have to do is divide the elements and fold them together. Voila! In a couple of minutes, you have a fully functional microscope. Foldscope is a portable, versatile, durable, and waterproof product. It weighs less than 10g. It magnifies the wonders of the microscopic world, without the bulk and expense of a conventional research microscope.

This product is a real microscope. It is equipped with a 140X lens. Thus, you will be able to see live individual cells, cellular organisms, embryos, swimming bacteria and much more in high-resolution. The Foldscope brings science to your daily life, whether that means looking at what’s growing in your flower pot, watching bacteria from your mouth or analyzing the bee stinger that got your thumb.

The team believes in “curiosity driven science for everyone.” They underline that “by unshackling microscopes from lab benches and making them affordable for everyone, we can all start seeing the microscopic world which defines our health, our built environment and almost all the magic we call life.”


Foldscope’s creators aim to break down the price barrier between people and the curiosity and excitement of scientific exploration. They are on track to achieve their goal. Almost five years ago they built, designed and shipped 50,000 Foldscopes to kids and teachers around the world, free of any cost, in over 130 countries. Undoubtedly, this device makes science happen anywhere and anytime.

Would you like to discover the inner explorer in you? Nothing can be easier! Just support Foldscope on Kickstarter and pre-order an early bird product for $15. Don’t hesitate!

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