Macco, a team from San Jose in California, has great news for you. Your dreams about long, thick lion’s beard may come true. How it possible? The startup has come up with an idea to create a set of titanium beard combs. The company claims that these men’s accessories are changing the way men take care of their beards.

American team sets a priority on the high-quality of its products. Macco combs are made of pure titanium, which means they won’t bend or break in tangled situations. Additionally, the strength of titanium enables to make a product without edge guards, making the comb more effective for tight spots like sideburns and mustaches. Macco combs are harder and lighter than steel.

Unlike wooden combs which soak up expensive products, Macco’s combs’ non-porous surface evenly distributes beard oil throughout your facial hair. Plastic combs are also non-porous but are manufactured in a way that results in sharp edges along the teeth (called flashing) which can snag and cut your hair.

Statistics show that 55% of men worldwide have facial hair. But every beard is different and deserves special care. That’s why startup invented comb suited to its particular needs. Macco combs are available in three teeth spacing options that are each specifically designed for a certain type of facial hair.

First, The Pint. The tongue-twister comb is intended for established mustaches and beards in progress. Second, The Stein. It has a medium pitch for mid-length beards and is the perfect solution for a beard in bloom. Third, The Growler. The product it’s designed to handle grizzliest customers.

Macco’s products combine durability with versatility. Those are not only practical but also a stylish tool. In order to best match your look, Macco combs come with four laser-engraved design options. Macco’s top-grain leather cases come in Tan, Dark Chocolate, and Jet Black. Three leather options and four interior suede colors allow you to pick your combination and personalize your Macco style. What’s more, Macco combs are produced in the USA by local manufacturers.

Macco’s team gives in your hands the tool which lets you invest the time to take care of your facial hair. The game is worth the candle because studies show on average, women find a man with the full beard 2/3 more attractive than clean-shaven. Besides, beards help filter out dust and pollen. And last, but not least the average man spends 3.350 hours shaving in his lifetime.

Currently, Macco is crowdfunding their products on Kickstarter. You can pre-order one of the combs for $25. Purchase those accessories as soon as possible and don’t waste your time for shaving anymore.


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