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Do you remember this remarkable sentence from a cult cartoon “Snow White”?  To be honest, the circumstances there weren’t favorable, but the question still appears to be on many people’s minds – more precisely, they still think about the features of this magic mirror. Now, everything seems to indicate that the Queen and her astonishing gadget have serious competition. The JUNO Co., a company based in San Francisco, has created JUNO – the smartest makeup mirror ever.

The team has designed the stylish tool that makes your morning makeup routine much more pleasant. The mirror allows you to adjust the lighting to apply makeup with precision. It has three different light modes: daylight, indoor, and evening. Depending on where you are headed and the time of the day, you can select the settings of choice before applying your makeup.

Furthermore, JUNO comes with a smartphone app which lets you save your light and hue settings for future use. This app enables you to set additional mirror settings. You can choose between three modes: sunlight, daylight, and evening light. When you pair your iPhone or Android phone with the mirror, the light around the mirror will automatically optimize.

This product also contains a live stream and selfie mode for beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts to capture the perfect selfie every time. You can use it as your personal lighting system. Likewise, photo filtering improves your selfie look by pairing your photo with a filter to match.

JUNO combines four devices in one. It is not only a regular mirror: it is also your ring light, reading lamp, and storage tray. This tool is super easy to use. All the controls you need are at the tip of your fingers. The device includes Bluetooth 4.0 and, what’s more, this mirror is lightweight and durable. Thus, it is perfectly suited for travel.

Currently, JUNO’s team are trying to launch their product on Kickstarter. You can easily kill two birds with one stone by investing. On the one hand, you will help them achieve the goal and purchase The JUNO Mirror. On the other hand, discover the answer to the question posed in the title, so don’t hesitate.

juno mirror


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