UrbanX: Transfer Your Bike Into Electric One in 60 Seconds


Are you dreaming about an electric bike? Don’t spend money on a new bike – just buy a new smart wheel from UrbanX. You need only 60 seconds to convert any BMX, cruiser, hybrid, mountain, road or touring bike into an electric bike with a 30-mile range and a top speed of 20 mph. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? UrbanX Team, a company based in Los Angeles, has just kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for its smart wheels UrbanX Eco and UrbanX Booster. They’ve already reached its crowdfunded goal.

“Over the last several years, we have seen a resurgence in cycling that is especially prevalent in urban spaces across the globe” – explains Eric Chow, founder and Chief Technical Officer of UrbanX. “This urban transportation revolution, due mostly to common city problems such as congestion, pollution, and parking woes, has inspired various electronic developments designed to make urban commuting more efficient and rider-friendly. UrbanX has taken these advances and created an economical solution that democratizes e-bike technology for all riders.”

urbanx wheels

The team has designed UrbanX as a cost effective way for a rider to go electric while giving enough power to excite any eBike enthusiast to upgrade their favorite traditional bike. The smart wheel weighs only 15 pounds and is designed for the front wheel, so it doesn’t affect your pedals, and can be easily taken off in seconds, if preferred. UrbanX is available in 6 sizes; 24”, 26”, 27.5”, 29″, 650c & 700c, which covers 99% of the global bike market.

The UrbanX’s installation is a piece of cake and requires only three steps. First, just swap out the front wheel. Next, secure the throttle to the handlebar. Finally, connect the wheel to the throttle cable. This device comes with a removable battery which allows you to charge your new eBike anywhere and anytime you want. Easily double your range in seconds by tossing an extra fresh battery in your backpack or bike saddle bag, then swap the new for the old with just a single click.

The UrbanX Eco comes with a 240-watt motor, whereas the UrbanX Booster has 350 watts of power, allowing bikes equipped with these smart wheels to hit top speeds of 15 and 20 miles per hour, respectively. By using the patent-pending Sinus Algorithm Controlling System to convert electric energy that’s stored in the battery to kinetic energy from the motion of your wheel, UrbanX can minimize power loss, increase your output and ultimately extend the riding range of your battery. Additionally, the 36V, 3500mAh & 126Wh lithium-ion battery pack is rated at 125Wh and meets the International Aviation Transportation Association requirements.

urbanx grass

It is not over yet! Thanks to UrbanX, you will have three bikes in one! This smart wheel allows you to pedal comfortably as you normally would or easily switch between electric modes: Full-Electric, Pedal Assist and Traditional Bike. You can restore your bike to it’s traditional, a non-electric state in seconds by swapping back to your original bike wheel.

Last but not least, both of UrbanX’s models come with Bluetooth connectivity and a companion Android or iOS app. These let riders keep tabs on their riding status with data like battery life readouts, distance and speed tracking, a riding map and speed levels. You can also use the app to set your wheel’s pedal assist level at low, medium, or high. Could the bike’s wheel be smarter? Don’t hesitate! Pre-order the Eco at the early-bird price of $299 or the Booster for $399. The smart wheels will be shipped to backers in June or July. Just check it out!


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