Do you know that the pulp and paper industry is the third largest industrial polluter for air, water, and land in the United States. Studies show that it releases well over 100 million kg of toxic pollution each year. Worldwide, this industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy, accounting for four percent of all the world’s energy use.

Glenn Hendriks and Kevin Garcia, Hustle Planner’s creators from Melbourne, have taken those shocking facts into consideration and have designed the world’s first planner made from stone paper. They set out with two clearly defined goals. Firstly, they sought to create a stylish and user-friendly planner. Secondly, they aimed to use the best and unique materials available. Both these goals were achieved.

After several trips overseas to the source, factories and laboratories, the founders had found the proper material. They decided to use stone paper, which is well-known only among privileged and higher end companies. Moreover, Glenn and Kevin interviewed some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Some of their advice helped to improve the product.

Why is stone paper better than pulp paper? The former is a natural product manufactured from calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate is collected as waste material at existing limestone quarries and is ground up into a fine white chalk powder.

Stone paper is neither synthetic, pulp or fibre-based and uses significantly less energy to produce. Certifications confirm no chemical or minerals are present that are harmful to humans or the environment. Thus, it gives much more environmental benefits than pulp paper.

Besides this, stone paper is recyclable, photo-degradable and will also compost. It is water, grease and insect resistant, and tears with difficulty. If you care about trees (which are one of the earth’s most valuable carbon storing resources) you should use stone paper. It is a completely wood pulp-fibre free paper.


The second great feature of this product, besides environmental profits, is its minimalistic and fashionable look. Stone paper looks almost identical to regular paper, but with a much brighter white tone. When writing on stone paper, there are no limitations and it can absorb almost all ink types like regular paper.

The notebook is available in two colors: navy and stone gray. Furthermore, every Hustle Planner is customized with initials. If you want to become an owner of this product, you can donate to the Hustle Planner’s campaign on Kickstarter. You will support not only the project itself, but you will also help to protect our planet!


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