Welcome to a new era of sunglasses! Max Greenberg from Los Angeles, a designer and the father of this fashion revolution, has invented product a completely different to other shades. ROAV is the world’s thinnest folding sunglasses, combining vintage style with the art of technology.

Undoubtedly, ROAV is not just another ordinary pair of glasses. So what makes this product stunning? These sunglasses are constructed from scratch-resistant, ion-plated, stainless steel. This patent pending system of micro screwless spring hinges require zero maintenance and won’t loosen over time.

The flat folding design eliminates pressure on the hinges when the glasses are folded, so they are able to withstand an enormous amount of compressive force. This means you can feel more than comfortable putting them in your back pocket or purse.

That isn’t all! Spring hinges and individually adjustable temples ensure a stable and tailored fit on most face shapes and sizes. Weighing in at under 20 grams, ROAV sunglasses will remain comfortable all day long. ROAV contains premium nylon lenses for their lightness and flexibility. The addition of a polarizing filter ensures the maximum reduction of glare. These lenses provide UV and IR protection and are coated to resist reflections, fingerprints, and scratches.

What’s more, a product comes with a protective handmade pouch constructed from 100% vegetable tanned leather. Sunglasses are made of unique screwless hinges are actually press formed into the sheet metal frame itself. This ultra minimal construction enables a design that is incredibly small and durable. The hinges also have an inherent springiness, so they won’t come loose over time and prevent the glasses from folding or unfolding unintentionally. ROAV sunglasses clock in at mere 8.5 mm when folded.

Greenberg’s team took into account its clients’ needs and tastes. ROAV folding frames (FF for short) combine modern practicality with iconic eyewear frame styles. The creators offer three unisex shapes: FF Round, FF Aviator and FF Square, with two colorway options for each shape. Those shapes were crafted to provide a comfortable and great looking fit on a wide range of face shapes and sizes. For instance, ROAV round sunglasses with a brushed gold frame and brown lens allow you to discover your inner Hendrix!

Are you ready for this sunglasses transformation? If you are, just support ROAV’s project and get one pair of sunglasses for $99. By the way, the true story of ROAV may be a little less remarkable than on the video but, if you want to know more details, visit Kickstarter.


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