Jared Leto

Launched less than 2 years ago, the cloud-based collaboration tool for video creators, Frame.io, has now raised $10M.

The web/iPhone application enables its users to create, upload, organize and share materials with their team. This one simple idea is now an “all in one” substitute for Dropbox, Vimeo and email, supporting 150 different file formats. All these features combined together have made Frame.io a universal tool for any video team.

Investors of the company also seem to fit the target. With a seed investor being nobody else but Jared Leto and other investors such as Warner Bros. President Greg Silverman and Kevin Spacey. Yet the investors aren’t the only big names here. The startups’ clients list consists of business sharks such as Facebook, Snapchat and PayPal.

Emery Wells, the founder of Frame.io and a video creator himself, first wanted to create an application that will ease work for his team. Now, he’s an author of the irreplaceable, revolutionary tool, which helps video teams all over the world on a daily basis.

Image Credits: By Gage Skidmore, , via Flickr CC BY 2.0


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