All coffee aficionados, may I have your attention? Goat Story, a company from Ljubljana in Slovenia, has created a product which combines all the features of coffee makers you already know into one complete device. GINA is the first smart coffee instrument with a built-in scale and an app which enables you to brew coffee. Do you know that in Latin, Gina means ‘great’? Below you will find out why the founder, Anze Miklavec, has chosen this name for his product.

GINA’s technology turns a regular coffee into an extraordinary experience. A built-in smart scale allows to you find the perfect ratio between coffee, water and time, for a cup you crave for. The device comes with the app for brewing guidance. Your phone will connect with GINA via Bluetooth to transfer, save or follow all brewing data. The device also has a specially designed valve, which allows you to tune your GINA and play with three different brewing techniques. Leave it open for pour-over, close it for immersion brew or set the drop flow for cold drip.

You can, for instance, enjoy classic pour-over. Just pour hot water over coffee grounds while leaving the valve open and observe the flow. You will gain a pure taste of coffee. Likewise, you can explore the immersion. Simply soak coffee grounds in the ceramic funnel, open the valve after three minutes and extract the brewing delicacy. This technique provides you the sharpest and richest taste. You can also try the cold brewing mode, which will delight you with its sweet and smooth taste. All you have to do is put the grounds into the inner glass pitcher and pour cold water into the funnel. Set the drop flow and let it drip for hours.

Yet, this isn’t all this product can offer! It is made of carefully selected materials. This includes a steel frame for stability, a ceramic funnel for optimal insulation and a glass pitcher to capture every drop of coffee. GINA is powered up with a micro USB charger, which comes included. The device has a strong battery which keeps it going for up to 80 hours. Yet the last, but not least, feature about this coffee instrument is its classical and minimalistic design. GINA comes in three elegant colors: steel, white and black.


Goat Story has just launched GINA on Kickstarter. However, it isn’t their first project. In 2014 they debuted with their idea for the GOAT Coffee Mug who has the shape of a horn. They apparently hit the bull’s eye, because they achieved $458,071 of the original $25,000 goal. Now they are tring to repeat this success. The Goat Story’s team is the right way to do it. Despite their previous success, they are counting on your support!


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