reCAP Mason Jars

Karen Rzepecki, the creator of reCAP and founder of Mason Jars Company, has created a fantastic tool for all aficionados of healthy nutrition. reCAP Mason Jars let’s you easily and quickly ferment whatever you want. Now, you no longer have to monitor the jars during the fermentation process.

How is it possible? reCAP uses a legit one-way valve system. Just as it sounds, a one-way valve allows the flow of a gas or liquid in only one direction. It serves as an airlock, allowing carbon dioxide gas to flow out of the jar, while preventing oxygen (or anything else) from flowing into the jar. The fermenter creates an air-tight seal with the one-way valve and stopper. No screw bands needed! During the ferment, the carbon dioxide releases through the valve as pressure builds up within the jar.

The technology is based on lacto­-fermentation. It is a method of preserving food. Rzepecki’s tool let’s users create food which contains a beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. The process is anaerobic (absence of oxygen). Vegetables exposed to oxygen encourage the growth of mold and can lead to nutrient-poor, soggy food. Once proper fermentation begins, the sugars convert to lactic acids and it creates carbon dioxide.

reCAP Mason Jars turns POUR cap into a fermenting tool with reCAP Fermenter. It is a simple waterless airlock that fits into a stopper. Once the fermentation is complete, simply remove the stopper, press down the POUR lid and it’s ready for storage! The reCAP Fermenter can then be used in another batch. No need to scramble for lids and rings.

Ferment, Eat, Store!

The product is multifunctional, durable, easy to use and clean. It is also eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain BPA and doesn’t rust. Besides, the fermentation accessories (recap POUR, recap FLIP, recap Fermenter and recap GRIP) come with three Bormioli jars. They have a beautiful, minimalistic, and Italian-inspired design. All have different sizes and usage.

Five years ago the reCAP successful launched on Kickstarter. Now, the company is trying again with an improved product. Thus, if you like an idea to combine fun in the kitchen with health in the jar, you need to pre-order this fermentation kit for $49.


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