myZindagi Startup Will Save Thousands of People!

Some countries still struggle to improve the access to the public healthcare for its citizens. An instant and reliable diagnosis is often out of reach for a Pakistani citizen. The need for a change in this unacceptable situation was used as a trigger by myZindagi startup to offer a platform where a patient can easily reach the doctor and obtain a piece of advice. This article will show you how a startup can combine not only a brilliant idea but also a sense of mission to improve and help on the micro scale — your friends, family and other acquaintances, but also on a macro reach — in the whole country for those you’ve never met.

About myZindagi

myZindagi is a healthcare startup that was founded as an answer to hardly-accessible public service in Pakistan and the expensive private appointments. The aim of this startup is to provide you an instant access to medicine specialists. They can be reached through several different mediums — a mobile app (iOS and Android are both available), phone call or website supported with a forum board, and a live video consultation. The platform has now over 15,000 doctors, and its services are available in more than 40 cities.

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For whom myZindagi is?

In order to obtain medical advice, myZindagi’s user has to be at least 18 years old; moreover, a future patient obviously has to disclose true information about his or her current health condition. Finally, the most vital thing is that this website is not intended for the emergency use.

myZindagi Features

You can find doctors near you and make a visit to them if needed. The forum board contains a lot of useful knowledge but if you don’t find the desired advice you reach a doctor directly by a phone call or live video. Only specialists are allowed to answer the patients’ queries in order to provide the highest and the most reliable service level. myZindagi cooperates with medical laboratories and drug stores all over the country. A personal history of each user is stored and can be used in the future to serve as a solid background for the future diagnosis.


myZindagi is one of those startups that surely have a stunning mission to fulfill and the awesome tools to spread the message to the world. Will you take an advantage of this kind of doctors’ board forum? What are your opinions on going live with your doctor and having an online consultation? We interested in your views on this innovative approach to healthcare!

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