Art & Design

Art & Design

Here you find all great Kickstarter projects on art and design. We devoted one day of the week to describing an inspiring campaign about music, film, theater, dance, photography, architecture, etc. Stay tuned for more information.

camera jollylook

Jollylook Restores Retro Photography to Its Former Glory

Do you know that the first permanent photographic image was made in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in Paris? Even though, typically, Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre is deemed to be the father of modern photography,...

Get Rid of Clutter With KYOTOMOJI

An early morning, you have to out to work, but you cannot find your keys. An urgent phone call and you have to make a note. Of course, you don't know where...
boulon blancvideo

The New Futuristic Generation of Interior Design

Clever and sophisticated solution for your home.

How to Create Paper Without Trees?

Do you know that the pulp and paper industry is the third largest industrial polluter for air, water, and land in the United States. Studies show that it releases well over 100...
URI Led light bulb

The Electric Shock with URI Led Light Bulb

The URI light collection is a series of unique LED bulbs with simple, soft and minimalist lines that create remarkable lighting effects. NAP, a young company from Hong Kong, came with...
The Purple Plain Movie

The Purple Plain Touched Movie about Mercury 13

The Purple Plain is a short film inspired by the little-known story of the Mercury 13 - the first American women who tested for space travel. It is supported by a...