Finding transport due to communication to the parties sometimes seems to be a great struggle. When the game is big, and you’ve finally found the driver who sacrificed the need to taste his favorite gin and raise a glass for the host, another problem is that there’s no place to park the car. You and the driver are getting frustrated and don’t feel like partying anymore. Such a shame!

Looking at all these people arriving alone or in couples, leaving their cars in the parking lot always makes me wonder why couldn’t they call each other and make a deal who’s the driver and who’s the passenger this time? Why lose money and be so non-green while there’s an excellent project that makes you act eco, save some money, and socialize with people from your neighborhood?

The brilliant I’m talking about is CovEvent.


How Does it Work?

CovEvent is a mobile app available for iOs and Android, but also on the web. It’s pretty convenient for users because there’s no need to create an account. Ok; but what to do to make my guests travel safe and comfortable to the party? All you have to do is to create an event, giving an exact time of its beginning and end. Your guests will be notified when a passenger or a driver register near their place of departure or return. See how easy it is.

How Does It Help Me?

Believe me, there’s no need for driving your car when all of the guests are going in the same direction. Make some savings, don’t pollute the air, get to know other guests invited to the party, and provide enough space in the parking lot – which means that you and the other guests won’t miss any moment of the event wandering and looking where to leave the car.

Have you ever felt awkward while going to the party all alone? Sometimes, the moment after saying hello and following the host to meet other guests is confusing. Avoid the awkward silence, use CovEvent, and have a chat with the other guests before the party. Believe me, it’ll make you feel better!


It is said that 40% of the ecological footprint of your event is done by your guests and mostly by their cars. Create an event via CovEvent app, or on the, and have a positive impact on the environment. Some of you may say that there’s also a bus as an alternative for the pollution creating cars. Well, that’s true, but what happens when the event is taking place in a beautiful cottage far away from the city, and there’s no bus stop or railway station?

How Much Does it Cost?

The price depends on how many people are invited to your event. If you’re planning to have a small party with less than 50 guests, you can use the app for free. If you want to invite more people, the price will be higher depending on the number of guests – for 75 people, it’s around 20 euros, for 475 – 140 euros. If you’re planning a massive event or party like the ones at Gatsby’s (more than 500 guests), you need to contact the CovEvent team. They’ll fix a proper offer for you.

Remember – a little party never killed nobody, but make it safe, eco, and more fun than ever with CovEvent!



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